MAERSK NOMAD fitted for deep sea operation

The vessel is fitted with a 200 ton deep sea crane delivered from CargoTec reaching down to an operational depth of 3,000 m assisted by two ROV systems arranged in a new garage fitted with SB/PS foldable weather tight side doors. All power supply for crane and ROVs is delivered from new 2x1,540 kW generators in separate rooms below deck.

The ROV garage is an integrated part of a new deck house extension containing ROV control, workshop and facilities for crew that is now reaching 50 persons in single cabins. The bridge is extended afterwards to maintain an excellent view through crane operations, and a CAP437 compliant helicopter deck for 14.6 ton take-off weight is mounted above the bridge.

The remaining 780 m2 working deck with flush open port side contains sea fastening for 3x100 ton valve-tree system including flow base and deep sea tool. Total deck carrying capacity is 1,200 ton.

Special purpose code notation is obtained by installation of life boats and the SPS damage stability is fulfilled with built on sponsons arranged with heeling tank served by 2x1,100 m3/h pumps keeping the ship upright simultaneously during crane operation.