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We are the premium maritime consulting firm in Europe. HOW to deliver affordable maritime defence while creating maritime jobs in buyer’s countries is our focus. 

The OMT group of companies was established in 2010 as a carve-out from the A.P. Moller – Maersk shipyard in Denmark – Odense Steel Shipyard. We strive to deliver maritime footprints in the countries we operate in. We operate through Odense Maritime Technology A/S (focusing on advisory services) and OMT Naval Aps (focusing on maritime designs and IP development).

Management team

Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Engineering Officer

Jytte Ravn jyrkinewsky

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Chief Product Officer

thomas knudsen

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Chief Business Development Officer

Erik hansen

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Chief Financial Officer

per lønborg-andersen

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Chief Process Officer

Jens viggers

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Chief Legal Officer

Thomas Christian Abildtrup

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Sales team

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Eefsen

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Defense Development Director

Klaus Sørensen

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Sales & Business Development, Specialised Vessels

Bjørn Moving

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Peter sylvest

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