HOW to make the shipyards of tomorrow better than yesterday’s while ensuring that.

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Lorem ipsum · OMT does not own any shipyard facilities. However, the operating concepts behind the renowned Danish Odense Steel Shipyard are still alive. OMT has transferred the operating concepts from the Danish shipyard to other shipyards around the world. The production concepts that enabled the shipyard to build a frigate in less than 1 million hours within two months tact is now available for governments who are interested in upgrading local shipyards. The latest example is a new advanced shipyard in Australia – aimed at building Australia’s future frigates and destroyers.

OMT has helped shipyards all around the world improve their shipyard operations. We help our clients build locally. This is our definition of defence procurement v. 2.0 where we help create and develop the jobs in the buyer’s country.

Being knowledgeable about construction has also paved the way for advisory services to banks and owners.