TwinFin propulsion concept ordered for bulk carrier Newbuildings

Odense Maritime Technology and Caterpillar Propulsion, now Berg Propulsion, have signed an agreement to install the patented TwinFin propulsion concept on a series of newly ordered twin-screw bulk carriers.

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OMT is providing the design of the TwinFin system, which includes controllable pitch propellers driven by permanent magnetic electric motors on an ultra-short drive line.

The TwinFin propulsion system is an innovative and compact propulsion system designed and patented by Caterpillar Propulsion and Odense Maritime Technology. Depending on ship type and operation, the TwinFin concept provides high propeller thrust at low fuel consumption with increased propeller protection and reduced maintenance and noise.

As an example, the TwinFin propulsion has been retrofitted on Polarcus ‘Naila’ and ‘Nadia’, which are 90-m seismic survey vessels operated by Polarcus. The TwinFin propulsion system replaces two azimuth thrusters and, in addition to lower noise and higher reliability, the system has proven to offer 33% less fuel consumption and almost doubled the bollard pull. The owner states that ‘considerable reduction in noise and vibration has been observed, and, after three years of operation, no wear or tear has been detected’.

The TwinFin concept is ideal for various ship types typically operated by azimuth thrusters, hereunder vessels operating in shallow water where propeller thrust and propeller protection are of high importance. In addition, the TwinFin concept is ideal for vessels operating in arctic conditions, where safety, reliability and propeller protection are critical.