Dana v – new artic research vessel for denmark

OMT  is proud taking part in the design of DANA V, which is a new 68-m multidisciplinary arctic research vessel for National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua).

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DTU Aqua conducts research, provides advice, educates at university level and contributes to innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of aquatic resources. With DANA V, the capabilities of oceanographic research in the North Atlantic waters around Greenland and Faroe Islands and within Danish water, will be improved significantly.


DANA V will be designed for operations in the most challenging environments, such as the Artic Seas, and will be classed to Polar Code B, PC 6 as well as comply with the high standards for low level underwater noise during scientific operations.


DANA V is a technology research platform and will combine modern trawler efficiency with cutting-edge multidisciplinary science operations for marine research. It will feature efficient fishing gear, laboratories, and a large hydro-acoustic sensor suite.


The vessel will be equipped with large hydraulic A-frame cranes and smaller cranes, which will handle various equipment and fishing gear. The vessel will have marine research capabilities for fish stock monitoring, hydro-acoustic surveys, biological, chemical and physical oceanography.


Additionally, the vessel will be used for ice edge research, geological research, seismic surveys, microbiology, bathymetric surveys, meteorology observation of sea birds and mammals, and a flexdeck for the handling of ROV’s, AUV’s, buoys, anchors and more.


It will also have teaching, training, and testing facilities onboard, allowing for online education opportunities.


The vessel will replace the former research vessel, R/V DANA IV, that is currently serving the Danish Marine Sciences since 1981. The new DANA V will enter service for DTU Aqua in 2027.


The design is made in collaboration with Knud E. Hansen and at OMT we are looking forward contributing with our extensive experience and competences within design of maritime platforms and our extensive knowledge with ship design for the challenging Arctic ocean environment