Success in naval design for Singapore’s novel Multi Role Combat Vessel (MRCV)

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OMT, jointly with Saab-Kockums AB, successfully provided the basic design of Singapore’s new Multi Role Combat Vessel (MRCV), which is currently being constructed by ST Engineering in Singapore.

Designed as a mothership for unmanned systems in all domains, the MRCV is suitable for numerous types of missions and is adaptable for future upgrades. The design addresses the dynamic security landscape and technological advancements and is setting new standards for large naval combat vessels.

Key to the project’s success were transparency, collaboration, agile management and close dialogue with Defence Science and Technology (DSTA) in Singapore. The team delivered the design within less than 24 months, setting a benchmark for future naval programs. The MRCV was proudly presented this week at RINA Warship 2024 conference in Adelaide, by SK and DSTA.