OMT joins venture towards digitalization and robotization of ship building, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark

Odense Maritime Technology, Inrotech and the University of Southern Denmark ventures towards digitization and robotization of shipbuilding with help from Digital Twins and artificial intelligence. The venture is funded through Innovation Fund Denmark.

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The era of advanced and optimized shipbuilding began in Denmark with the opening of Odense Steel Shipyard in 1917, founded by the late A.P. Møller Maersk. Up until its closure in 2012, the yard contributed to the immense knowhow and tradition onto which Denmark builds its ship design industry. Knowhow from Odense Steel Shipyard continues to grow as it transferred into the ship design company Odense Maritime Technology in 2010. The close collaboration between the yard and the local university has likewise fostered the competitiveness of the Danish robotics industry, fueling innovation with the need for optimized and automated production processes. When one era sets, another rises and surely the era of digital innovation and artificial intelligence has begun its rise. Once again, Odense Maritime technology participate as frontrunner for the industry.


ShipWeldFlow constitutes a venture towards developing state of the art technology with the aim of securing a tight link between the design and production phases of shipbuilding. Until its planned end on march 1st 2024 the scope is to develop a digital system that will enable designers to optimize their design for production much earlier in the design process and further to secure an efficient production line. This is obtained from creating so called “Digital Twins”. These are detailed 3D models that enable engineers to anticipate system failure, reduce waste in production and ultimately optimize the turnkey enterprise that is ship building.


“It’s a steppingstone towards securing lost jobs in the industry meanwhile closing the loop of Danish shipbuilding by offering cost efficient production lines to support, among others, Danish designers” – Jens Viggers: OMT Chief Process Officer

Besides the excitement of bringing new technology into the industry, Jens is looking forward to work with old colleagues, many of whom participate through the robotics company Inrotech who will also be taking part of the venture.