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Want to learn from the best maritime professionals out there? Do you want to be apart of reshaping the future ship construction industry? We are the premium maritime consulting firm in Europe for a reason. Working with OMT means working with real shipbuilders. We are designers and shipbuilders at the same

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Are you well on your way in your bachelor or master, and are considering collaborating with a company on your master thesis? Then we may be the match for you. We will be on the sidelines during the entire process and support and collaborate where needed. It’s possible to limit yourthesis within one of the projects or topics we are working on:


R&D projects

Our R&D department are always looking for interesting new ideas or projects related to the maritime industry. The following technologies could form the basis for a thesis:

  • Ship and product modularity for our new designs and products, hereunder optimisation and integration of modular systems
  • Green solutions for the maritime industry
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Production optimization

Patrol vessel for Denmark

OMT has been awarded a contract for pre-engineering of new patrol vessels for Denmark. The project is awarded with our partners Terma and Pension Danmark.

Are you curious about design, manufacturing or integrated Logistics Support – Then you could build your thesis in relation to our project on new patrol vessels for Denmark..

DANA V – new polar research vessel for DTU

Many of our current and future projects involve extensive analysis of the best-fitting solutions for a specific vessel. Dive into a comparative analysis of concepts such as batteries for peak shaving, engine optimization or electrical setup, using project such as Dana V as a case.

Standard Ferries

Do you have a green profile, and want to dive into how unified sustainable ferry solutions can look across the Danish islands and crossings? The Green Ferry project is a unique opportunity to compare different green solutions across ferry connections for various municipalities using the standard ferry concept.

Contact: OMTHR@odensemaritime.com  if you want to write your thesis in collaboration with us.