The challenge is HOW to embed new equipment into new ship types and HOW to ensure local sourced equipment.


Equipment packages

Local content optimisation

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Engineering and Procurement go hand in hand. When designing new ship classes, you need to cooperate closely with potential suppliers. And working closely with suppliers is key to good product development. Our proximity to many maritime technology companies in Northern Europe is important for our product development.

New equipment is sometimes an integrated part of our solutions. In these cases, we make framework agreements with our suppliers to ensure that our products are competitive. In other cases, equipment is more loosely coupled to our products to ensure that the end user has a choice. We have practised this way of working for years in our commercial products where the designs could accommodate equivalent engines from different engine manufacturers.

In OMT, we always aim to select equipment with good reliability (no downtime), low energy consumption and low service cost.

The global supply chain in the maritime industry has undergone a lot of changes in recent years, and manufacturing of components for ship equipment is now dependent on a few countries.

OMT and our sister company Valcon have been involved in many offshoring initiatives. We know HOW to move operations from one country to another. We are prepared for future onshoring activities where manufacturing is moved back to the country where it was originally located.

We are equally well prepared for helping countries to do local content optimisation. For reasons as diverse as security, access to spare parts and local job creation, many governments are increasingly showing an interest in manufacturing some of the equipment locally.

Basic design

Detailed design support

Set-up of local design office

Training of local team

Supervision of local team

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Equipment packages

Local content optimisation

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Build strategy

Shipyard assessment

Shipyard upgrade

Shipyard operational excellence

Owner advisory services

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In-service engineering support 

Use of equipment and system sensors to allow improved proactive maintenance

Digital twins to support operations

On-board analytics allows for maintenance decisions and aids defect diagnosis

Shore-side analysis helps support to  forward deployed units

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